We are GSOC

Membership in the Society is open to everyone, ranging from persons who have a professional interest in geology, to those with a casual interest in geology. Yearly membership dues are: 

Individual $26.00                Family $36.00                Student $16.00

Membership dues entitle the member to receive The Geological Newsletter, a bi-monthly publication of the society and a monthly calendar. Members also may sign up for field trips, whose fees vary depending on the duration and fees paid by the society in organizing the trip. Member dues also pay for honoraria offered to Friday night meeting speakers, society insurance and overhead costs, and a scholarship for the Portland State University Geology Department sponsored by our society. 

Friday night meetings are free to the public. All other GSOC events, i.e., field trips, annual banquet, annual picnic, etc., have participation fees. Fees are kept to a minimum to encourage participation and are announced for each event. You must be a member of GSOC or a guest of a member to participate in the field trips. Refer to the About the Society web page for additional descriptions of events and the Calendar for upcoming society events. 

Current members wishing to renew their memberships may send a check to: 
The Geological Society of the Oregon Country, PO Box 907, Portland, OR 97207.

Checks can also be accepted by the club treasurer at the Friday night meetings. Membership dues are paid in January each year. New members joining September or later do not have to renew until the January following the first full year of membership. Members may use the online application form for their renewal, particularly when marital status, address, phone or email address has changed.